American Avalanche Institute Courses

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Courses listed on this page or through the American Avalanche Institute are not C-RAD hosted courses. All course information, questions and applications should go through the host organization.

 Other Course offerings may be available by reaching out directly to the American Avalanche Institute.

Winter Park, CO – November 20th-23rd

Salt Lake City, UT – January 17th – 21st

AAI facilitates the ProAvSAR Course:

  • These courses are designed for Professional Ski Patrollers, Search and Rescue Team members, Law Enforcement/EMS/Fire and Mountain Guides. The rescue-driven curriculum builds on the basic skill set introduced in Level 1 & 2 avalanche courses. The majority of this syllabus will focus on the management of both large and small scale organized rescue from the initial deployment of rapid response teams to multi-day, multi-agency operation logistics.  The components of this course include self-paced online learning, online conference calls, and field sessions.
  • This course will cover the following:
    • Incident Command System in Avalanche Rescue
    • Scene Safety
    • Technology updates (including RECCO, Transceivers, Airbags, etc.)
    • Shoveling and Probing strategies
    • Resource Management
    • Victim care and avalanche burial complications
    • Recent research on avalanche survivability
    • Snow Anchors & Rigging Specifications (Sked, Rescue Bubble, etc.)
    • Technical Terrain Management (lowering/raising)
    • Getting Along and developing relationships between Patrols, Law Enforcement and SAR groups

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